The program [Definitely the finished program! - 30/3/06]
Aba daba Honeymoon Our title song! This took me a full day to arrange so you had better enjoy it! ;-)
And we intend to open with it so don't be late!
Pokarekare Ana Kiwi song
Die Gedanken Austrian song
Not Worthy's Klezmer Tune Set Set of Klezmer tunes selected by newcomer, John Manson
Faces in the street This concert will feature Ian Hamilton singing some of his own songs including this beautiful one with words by Henry Lawson.
Anything you can do A bit of fun with Barbara & Peter (St Davids only)
Silent Worship Nicky & Jill perform a song by Handel
Heather Rose Nicky & Jill perform a song by Shubert
Blaydon Races Rousing tune sung by our very own 'Foggy Bob'!
Somas el barco Spanish/English song of peace beautifully arranged by Jill
I said my pyjamas Gial & Wayne sing a song Wayne knew as a child from an old 78 recording
People will say we're in love Rogers & Hammerstein song.
When I'm gone Rich harmonies by Tom Bridges feature in this powerful Phil Ochs song
Confitemini Domino A bit of 'hard hitting' (?) Latin Church music!
Oh to be alone Words by Sandra Kerr. Chris Wheeler will sing this to the accompaniment of Jill & Wayne on concertinas
Dark Eyes An old favourite by Nicky with Wayne on accordion (+ a fiddle or three!)
Miss Marple Dance Featuring own very own 'Little Pat'
The Last Tree on Rapa Nui Beautiful song with a powerful message written by Kevin Murray
Gendarmes' Duet Offenbach's famous bass/baritone duet featuring Ian and Wayne
Donna Donna Rima will be singing this song made famous by Joan Baez and which was part of Loosely Woven's first ever concert back in 1995!
Morning Nightcap Rousing tune set adapted from a Lunasa arrangement (selected by Anneli)
Sorry her lot Stunningly beautiful aria from Gilbert & Sullivan's 'HMS Pinafore' featuring, of course, Nicky Lock
The Kangaroo Sat Another silly Keith Murray song!
Break o' Day Another Henry Lawson/Ian Hamilton song.
Summer Loving Yes, that 'greasy' one arranged brilliantly by Jill and featuring our star-crossed lovers, Nicky & Ian.

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