The programs

N.B. This year scripts were written creating an integrated 'show' with dialogue & songs.

Animals - 14th February 2009 (Scriptwriter/Director: Alicia Warren)

Music: 'Going to the zoo'
Poem: 'On the Ning, Nang, Nong'
Music: 'Talk to the animals'
Radio Play
Magician: (Graham)
Magician: (Graham)
Music: 'Octopus's Garden'
Music: 'Bear Hunt'
Music: 'Learn the language'

Super Heroes - 2nd May 2009
(Scriptwriter/Director: Jodine Muir)

Sketch: 'A damsel in distress'
Song: 'Supergran'
Sketch: 'Introducing Supergirl'
Song: 'Yakety Yak'
Sketch: 'In the lair of the Maniac'
Song: 'Masked Maniac'
Sound FX & Radio Play
Song: 'Superheroes Song'
Song: 'Going on a rescue'
Sketch: 'At home with Supergirl'
Song: 'Superkids gonna save the world'

Fairy Tales - 13th June 2009
(Scriptwriter/Director: Jodine Muir)

Sketch: 'Sleeping Ugly'
Song: 'Going on a bear hunt'
Sketch:'Mrs Oldilooks'
Sketch:'Three Wishes'
Sketch:'Snow White'
Song: 'Yakety Yak'
Sketch: 'Snow White' (Resumes)
Song: 'Heigh Ho'
Sketch: 'Snow White' (Resumes)
Song: 'Ballroom Blitz'
Sound FX & Radio Play 'Princess & the pea'
Sketch:'Evil Management'
Song: 'C'mon Everybody'

Pirates - 29th August 2009
(Scriptwriter: Richie Black Directors: Jodine Muir & Lyn Collingwood)

Music: 'Overture'
Sketch: 'Ahoy There!'
Song: 'A pirate's life'
Song: 'Jake's Pirate Song'
Sketch:'The Rats Cometh'
Sound FX & Radio Play 'The Donkey Pirate'
Magician: Steve Knox
Birthday Kids
Sketch: 'The treasure is found'
Song: 'Octopus's Garden'
Sketch: 'The rats attack'
Sketch: 'Lookout Luke saves the day!'
Song: 'In the navy'