The program (4pm, Cathedral Chamber) [Final 28/7/07]

Poison Blood (The Mudlarks)
Lonesome Road (The Mudlarks)
No Goon No Pa (The Mudlarks)
Bring me little water Sylvie (The Mudlarks)
Oscar's Song  
Fields of Athenry  
Non nobis domine (The Mudlarks)
Grace (The Mudlarks)
Suo Gan  
Gone the rainbow  
Somos El Barco  

The program (8pm, Caves House) [Loosely Woven segment only]

Brand New Day  
Mend the torn air  
Wollemi Pine  
The Last Tree on Rapa Nui  
Gendarmes Duet  
Morning Nightcap Tuneset  
Break 'O Day  
Vitamin Dance  
I ain't afraid  
June Apple  
Valley of the Waters  
City of New Orleans  

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