Press Release

Loosely Woven 'On the road' tour

7pm, Wednesday 11th April 2007
Dungog Baptist Hall

7pm, Thursday 12th April 2007
Southside Uniting Church, Tamworth

7pm, Friday 13th April 2007
Armidale Town Hall

7pm, Saturday 14th April 2007
Grafton Community Centre

2pm, Sunday 15th April 2007
Yamba Golf & Country Club

Loosely Woven is a group of musicians from Sydney who love performing and who stage 3 or 4 public concerts in Sydney each year.

“The Loosely Woven phenonemon is rather unusual. In fact, there is really no such group as ‘Loosely Woven’ – it is merely the name given to whoever I am able to round up for a particular concert.” So explains founding member Wayne Richmond.

"A planning meeting is held at which everyone contributes ideas for the content of the concert. Absolutely anything goes including folk, classical, country, comedy sketches and even excerpts from opera! These days, the concerts also include a number of original songs."

“One important characteristic of Loosely Woven concerts is that they are performed strictly acoustically. Apart from the keyboard amp (an unfortunate necessity) no other amplification is used. Not only does this mean that the audience has a rare opportunity to actually hear the sound of vocal chords and violin strings vibrating (instead of the usual speaker membrane!) it also finds itself on an equal footing with the performers when it comes to the many opportunities provided for joining in. There are always lots of opportunities for audience participation in Loosely Woven and when they do it sounds fantastic for all of us!"

Loosely Woven never accept payment though they often perform for organisations such as Amnesty International who ask for donations.

For the first time, Loosely Woven has prepared a concert in partnership with local musicians from Dungog, Tamworth & Grafton and will be performing in those towns as well as Armidale and Yamba between 11th & 15th April.

Information about Loosely Woven and the 'On the road' tour can be found at the group's web site at