The program [Download actual program from last year's performance - requires Acrobat Reader]
The Wollemi Pine Well known Sonia & Denis song.
Sydney Rose Sonia Bennett/Denis Kevans song with a bluesy feel
What is your name? A Denis Kevans poem.
Gospel Changes Gospel harmonies
Moss's Gentle Fingers A song by Denis which describes his vision of moss and other aspects of the Australian environment.
King of the Fairies & other tunes of nature's magic A beautiful tune set arranged by Tully.
Mother Earth A song by Shad Haumu arranged by Tully.
The Sydney Song Denis & Sonia song about Sydney
Soultide A song by Tully Dingle.
Fogs is the problem! Denis's poem in honour of councillors in the Blue Mountains (!)
Green Ban Fusiliers A Denis Kevans' song commemorating the achievement of the Green Bans in the 60s.
Ah, white man, have you any sacred sites? Denis's well known poem from the perspective of Australia's original inhabitants.
Mend the torn air A beautiful song by Denis Kevans and Denis Rice.
The old man in the rock A Penelope Swales song sung by Rebecca.
Lungs of Green Another Dennis & Sonia song extolling the virtues of trees.
Over the rainbow The well known Judy Garland song given a rather different interpretation by Tegan & Tully Dingle.
The Woodchip Man Denis's well known song about woodchipping.
Concreto Denis explains the virtues of development!
Stay Awhile Rousing appalachian song to be played & sung by our two ladie fiddlers Anneli & Maria!
The Valley of the Waters Another beautiful song by Sonia & Denis