I wish that I had told you . . .

I found out immediately after the last performance of Blue Skies that Harry was going to be leaving us - heading back to live in Tasmania for a while.

About 7pm last night (Wednesday 7th July 2004), Harry, Tully and Anneli popped in and Harry gave me a CD with a song on it. Listening to it together was one of the most emotional moments of my life.

I won't even try and tell you how beautiful it is - you have to hear it for yourself. For those with a broadband connection (or a modem connection if you are desperate) you can download it here:

I wish that I had told you [5.8mb AAC file] [MP3 version - 7.28mb]

If your media player won't play AAC files (which are better quality and smaller than mp3), you might like to download Apple's Quicktime player which will.

As you can see, the cover, creatively and painstakingly put together by Tully, includes photos of just about all of us!

What can I say . . .