The program [Download actual program - requires Acrobat Reader]
Overture Music from the two plays
Blue Skies Irving Berlin classic
All of my fortunes Song by Loosely Woven first-timer, Trevor Swadling
Precious One Song by Shad Haumu
Dirty Old Town Well known 'country' style Pogues hit by Ewan McColl
Bovaglie's Plaid Beautiful, slow fiddle instrumental (as played by Alisdair Fraser)
Music Hall Medley Pt. 1 First half of a singalong medley of Music Hall favourites
To my first love Light-hearted 'Music Hall' duet
A Folk Tale Harry Dingle's musical play - includes 3 new songs
Joy of Shirali Tully Dingle's musical play - includes 6 new songs
Angel Beautiful Sarah McLachlan song (featuring Maaike Lauwerens)
The Millionth Time Another of Trevor's songs
Pickled Pork Short, humorous a capella song
Dance Ti' Thy Daddy Fun, English folk song (featuring Foggy Bob)
He fades away Extremely moving song by Alistair Hulett (featuring Judie Eddington)
Music Hall Medley Pt. 2 Second half of the Music Hall singalong medley
The love you leave behind Wonderful song which promotes tolerance and acceptance - surely a song for our times! (as sung by Roy Bailey)